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Jock itch is caused by a fungus. Fungi commonly grow on or in the top layer of skin. They may or may not cause an infection. Fungi grow best in warm, moist areas of the body such as the groin, inner thighs, and buttocks.

Treatment is relatively straight forward and similar to athlete’s foot. Pretty much all the remedies are available over the counter and we’re talking about anti-fungal type creams. Generally a cream is going to be the best one in that area. An ointment obviously is an alternative, but generally lotions and sprays not so much used in that area of the body.

If your jock itch rash begins to ooze, call your doctor. This may be an indication that the rash may be secondarily infected with bacteria. If your doctor confirms that it is, you may be given an antibiotic.

With its extra strong formula, Pro-Ex Antifungal Cream Clotrimazole 1% is the cream you should turn to for more severe cases of jock itch. While it does contain just the same amount of clotrimazole as the previous product, it’s specially formulated with several other inactive ingredients to address more cases of jock itch irritation.

This is the best antifungal cream in India for jock itch. If you are suffering from jock itch you need to try some mild cream. Use the cream to get rid of those chafing, itching etc. It provides instant relief. Eliminate the embarrassing itch by applying this cream. It could be due to the ringworm. Wash and dry the area and apply the cream. You will feel comfortable It is the best antifungal cream for jock itch..

Im sure he ment if he didn’t havd cotton balls; if both of you read the main article. So maybe yall both need glasses and cut back on drinking and check your brains. Besids that… i believe i feel it working now it was driving me crazy for some time. I stay clean, but the body gets warm and moist allowing it thrive. Better educated thanks!

I’ve been suffering from Jock itch for almost 10 years, I tried everything over the counter, its just a temporary fix. My rash is from my groin to the side of my thighs all the way back to my rectum, as a matter of fact I think it went inside my rectum, cause I feel the itch inside. The only relief I have is when I take a shower, I take the sprayer and spray it with really hot water to satisfy the itch. But I’m trying some of these remedies and see if they work, I’ll keep you guys posted.

Antifungal treatments are usually applied daily for two weeks. The treatment should be applied over the affected area of skin and extended out to cover one inch of skin beyond the edge of your rash. Make sure to read the specific manufacturer’s instructions or discuss it with your pharmacist. The rash should clear up in 10 to 14 days. 

Jock itch usually begins with a reddened area of skin that spreads out from the crease in the groin in a half-moon shape onto the upper thigh. The border of the rash may consist of a line of small, raised blisters. The rash often itches or burns, and the skin may be flaky or scaly.

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After a year and three different doctors, I still had a bad fungus problem. I found Terrasil online and ordered it. After using the product for about a week, the fungus was totally gone. There is nothing else I know of that is this effective.

I have read several dozen of these comments and not yet have I heard one of the very best suggestions: Stop wearing underwear and allow your groin area to breath. The main ingredient for fungus to grow is lack of air. Also, wash all towels, washcloths, under wear, etc. in very hot water with a little bleach added. Scrub your shower area with chlorine bleach and rinse thoroughly. Hold your breath so you do not breath it. Keep your groin area clean at all times. Various remedies do work, but not without cleanliness. And yes, do cut back on refined flour and refined sugar in your diet. They both raise your blood sugar to the dangerous range and the fungus feed on it as it oozes from the surface of your skin.

Cornstarch is another natural remedy for jock itch. Cornstarch is derived from dried corn kernels and is the primary ingredient in baby powders. It can help the skin have a fresh, dry feeling while soothing the burning, raw effects from scratching the infected areas. (6) This can be applied after any of these treatments, once the area is dry, and can also be a great preventive method.

For these reasons, several plants have been investigated for treatment of skin diseases ranging from itching to skin cancer, and some these remedies below are perfect examples of how you can get rid of jock itch. (3)

I tried coconut oil which helps a tad. Not quite a home remedy but mama nature salveation is great because it works like nothing else and i can apply this as often as i like. i usually just use it once per day and it has rid me of my jock itch which was really excruciating at one point. This magic pot as i call it is quite expensive but i make it last a while.

If you have an impaired immune system (e.g., from having diabetes, HIV/AIDS, or atopic dermatitis – a chronic, genetic skin condition characterized by itchy, inflamed skin and associated with asthma and seasonal allergies), you may be more likely to get jock itch. This happens because the skin barriers that normally protect you from viral, bacterial and fungal infections become compromised. Use extra care to prevent and treat jock itch, and watch out for any potential complications when you get jock itch. You should also see your doctor and ask about a daily anti-fungal oral medication as a preventative measure if you are at risk.

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