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Apply over-the-counter anti-fungal creams or powders recommended for jock itch. Follow the regimen outlined in the accompanying instructions. Be careful not to over-treat the area, as this can lead to further irritation.

Terrasil is the only jock itch skin treatment available that uses patented Activated Minerals, a blend of Zinc Oxide, Silver Oxide, and Magnesium Oxide. This technology was developed to facilitate faster, directed delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients to significantly enhance their performance. In addition to their drug delivery properties, each of the ingredients that comprise Activated Minerals have specific skin care benefits.

They work well, although I have chronic jock itch (I don’t really think it’s acute). When I put on the Terrasil it’s almost impossible not to scratch some; but I do like the product and once it’s on it pretty much controls the itch(like right now for instance.

Terbinafine is the generic name for an antifungal agent used to treat jock itch, athlete’s foot and ringworm. This cream should be applied directly to the affected area at least once a day or as directed by the package or a doctor. Before applying a thin layer of cream, the athlete should wash the affected area with soap and water and pat it dry.

“It may be embarrassing to share your concerns about this uncomfortable itch,” says Dr Pang Shiu Ming, Senior Consultant, Department of Dermatology, Singapore General Hospital (SGH), a member of the SingHealth group. But more often than not, the cause of your testicular itching can be easily treated.

Jock itch can usually be diagnosed based on the appearance and location of the rash. However, other skin problems may look similar to jock itch. If you are not certain of the diagnosis, contact your doctor.

Treatment is generally OTC medications. A man can contract a yeast infection from his female sexual partner. Symptoms of a yeast infection in men include penile itching. Treatment is with oral or topical medication.

The active ingredient in Nizoral is Ketaconazole. Nizoral fights infections that are caused by fungus. However it cannot be used for treating fungal infections of the fingernails or toenails. It effectively treats infections like Jock itch. Nizoral can be obtained only under the doctor’s prescription.

For a mild case of jock itch, your doctor may suggest first using an over-the-counter antifungal ointment, lotion, powder or spray. The rash may clear up quickly with these treatments, but continue applying the medication as directed for one to two weeks.

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Miconazole has the active ingredient Miconazole Nitrate. It is used for treating superficial skin infections that are caused by Candida Albicans – commonly known as Yeast. It gives relief from itching, scaling, cracking, burning, redness, soreness, irritation and discomfort that are commonly associated with jock itch.

The benefits of the use of topical steroids in addition to an antifungal is unclear.[9] There might be a greater cure rate but no guidelines currently recommend its addition.[9] The effect of Whitfield’s ointment is also unclear.[9]

Although jock itch is not a serious problem, a doctor should look at any persistent skin rash that develops, in order to rule out other serious conditions. A person with jock itch should also see a doctor if over-the-counter treatments do not work, or if the rash worsens.

Certain groups of people may be more prone to jock itch. Patients with diabetes, obesity, and those with a compromised immune system such as from HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, chronic illnesses, cancer, systemic chemotherapy, immunosuppressive drugs such as prednisone, and those on biologic immune-system-modifying drugs such as infliximab (Remicade) or etanercept (Enbrel) may be more prone to jock itch.

Moderate bacterial skin infections may be treated with antibacterial soap and topical antibiotics like metronidazole (Flagyl) or clindamycin lotion. Severe infections may need a 5 to 14-day course of oral antibiotics in addition to antibacterial soaps and lotions. You’ll need to see your doctor to get antibiotics.

Over-the-counter antifungal creams can usually treat jock itch. Creams or lotions work better on jock itch than sprays. In severe or persistent cases, your doctor may prescribe stronger creams or oral medication. Use your prescription for the entire time that your doctor recommends. This will help prevent re-occurrence of the rash. If your rash does not resolve within a month of treatment, contact your doctor.

Practicing good hygiene is the best defense against jock itch. Regular hand-washing can greatly reduce your risk of getting this infection from someone else. It’s also important to keep your skin clean and dry, especially the area around your groin. Wash the area regularly with soap and dry the area thoroughly after bathing. Applying baby powder around your groin can also be helpful for preventing excess moisture.

Scientifically known as tinea cruris, the jock itch is a common skin irritation caused by a fungal or bacterial infection. Characterized by itching, redness, dryness, and the appearance of ring-shaped rashes, this skin condition occurs in people who sweat profusely along the groin and inner thighs.

After a year and three different doctors, I still had a bad fungus problem. I found Terrasil online and ordered it. After using the product for about a week, the fungus was totally gone. There is nothing else I know of that is this effective.

There are lots of good over-the-counter products designed specifically for jock itch, so in many cases you won’t even need to go to the doctor. Read on to learn how you can beat jock itch quickly, cheaply, and discretely.

Jock itch is contagious and is spread either by direct skin contact or by touching contaminated items like clothing or towels. The fungal spores that cause jock itch are very resilient. They can survive for months on your skin or on contaminated items before they get The fungus grows best in the warm, moist places, such as the area around your groin. Consequently, jock itch is most common in people who sweat a lot, such as athletes or overweight people. It can also be triggered by friction from your clothing.

This is widely used cream, Apply this cream for 2 to 3 times a day. After 2 weeks you can see that the itching and chafing would have completely cured. This is the beat treatment for fungus. It is the best antifungal cream in India. Dry the area before applying. Make sure not to have moisture around the area.

It’s important to use a separate towel on your feet after showering or dry your groin before your feet so the towel doesn’t spread the infection. Put your socks on before your underwear to cover your feet so that the germs do not get on your underwear.

Terrasil® Jock Itch Treatment MAX is a unique all-in-one skin recovery system. This powerful FDA-registered remedy combines the latest science with the finest organic and natural ingredients for superior results.

Oxiconazole is a prescription antifungal cream that is used to treat athlete’s foot, jock itch or ringworm. It works, according to Drugs.com, by preventing the growth of the fungus. This drug should be used as directed and should only be applied to the affected area after it has been washed and dried thoroughly.

Tinea cruris is similar to, but different from candidal intertrigo, which is an infection of the skin by Candida albicans. The latter is more specifically located between intertriginous folds of adjacent skin, which can be present in the groin or scrotum, and be indistinguishable from fungal infections caused by tinea. However, candidal infections tend to both appear and with treatment disappear more quickly.[2]:309 It may also affect the scrotum.

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  1. Wearing tight clothes or athletic supporters can predispose one to infection or aggravate the problem further. Jock itch can be prevented by applying large amounts of lubricant, like petroleum jelly, to areas likely to be affected.
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